We get it, converting from paper to electronic invoicing can be incredibly appealing. No more long waits at the post office, no more folding and assembling envelops, no more running out of printer toner at the worst possible moment! The fact remains though, e-invoicing can destroy a company’s ability to collect timely payments if it not handled correctly. If you’re considering making the leap to online invoices, here are a few things that your new software MUST have:

Automated Reminders

Important emails are easily lost in the flood of junk mail and spam we all receive each day. An overflowing inbox could mean that your invoices are never even be seen! A pre-defined schedule of reminders is absolutely critical to make sure your email rises above the noise. This way, if your first email gets missed somehow, your customers will automatically be reminded again that their payment is due.

Easy Online Payments

E-Invoicing saves a ton of time and money, but if you’re still requiring your customers to print invoices and mail a check, then you’re not going to get paid any faster. Adding online payments (credit card, ACH, echecks) means that your customer can click and pay just as quickly and conveniently as you create their invoices!

Delivery Detection

All the reminders in the world won’t matter if you send an invoice to a misspelled email address. Finding an e-invoicing system that alerts you when an email has been rejected is vitally important. After all, you certainly won’t get paid any faster if your clients don’t receive their bill in the first place!
E-Invoicing can be completely AWESOME. When it’s done right, you save tons of time and money, your customers love how easy it is to pay, and last but not least you get paid faster. Now, who doesn’t want that?

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Dealing with customer billing is more than just a challenge of freelancing, it’s the whole point. Freelancers work to get paid, no client should expect you to provide your services for free, it’s simply not how business functions. However, billing does become more complicated when you’re an independent contractor or entrepreneur.

You run your business with integrity, which is why your clients come back to you on a regular schedule. You provide a service and lay out your terms effectively, allowing your client to have expectations, which are met regularly. Then it comes time for the bill, and this is where you can lose your clients with whom you worked so hard to gain trust. Suddenly, details are missing, billed hours are more than expected, and the overall process of receiving a bill took much longer than anticipated. The problem many businesses have is the idea that the job is done – before the final bill is provided and paid.

Typical questions often asked about charging late fees by small business owners include: Should you charge a late fee?  How much should I charge? Will it alienate your customers? The answer is always, "Yes! Charge enough to cover your costs. If it alienates them, that's OK, they owe you money."

Sometimes, no matter how amazing the work that’s done, businesses are not getting paid in a timely manner, or worse, not at all. It often has nothing to do with the quality of work, but has everything to do with the pattern and style of invoicing. Your diligence in invoicing can be as important as the quality of work completed. And while your business is not invoicing, your business does depend upon invoicing being effective.   Rather than recreating the wheel, follow some of these simple steps to insure successful collection of your money almost every time.

Fewer and fewer small businesses are run in an office or a brick and mortar establishment in this day and age. Much of the time, owners aren’t in a chair but are out in the field getting work done, shaking hands, and dealing with customer issues that may arise. Often, these small businesses are maybe a one or two person show, leaving the business of getting paid left behind. These business owners need to access their backroom records on a moment’s notice anywhere and anytime.

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