Difference between ReliaBills Free and ReliaBills Plus

ReliaBills Free vs Plus – Comparison Guide

When it comes to the end of the month, every business wants two things:  1) spend less time creating invoices. And 2) get paid. If your business has one or both of these challenges and is looking to improve its billing, ReliaBills is a great solution. With ReliaBills FREE, we offer businesses our incredible invoicing tool completely free of charge. And for those that choose an upgrade to ReliaBills PLUS, you gain several extremely effective payment and collections tools

Here, we’ve put together a helpful breakdown detailing the features of ReliaBills FREE and the additional benefits offered by upgrading to ReliaBills PLUS.

ReliaBills FREE: $0

Why offer a free version of ReliaBills?

Because we want every business to have an awesome invoicing tool. If something isn’t easy to do, it doesn’t get done. It’s that simple. That’s why we created an easy-to-use invoicing solution. Create, send and even automate professional invoices. Absolutely free. This is not a free trial. It is just free. 

Who is best fit for ReliaBills FREE?

This is a great option for any business with a small-to-medium number of invoices to send and is looking for a better way to create, send, and track those invoices. A typical user of ReliaBills FREE is a business that is focused more on finding a professional-looking invoice that works effectively for their business. This option is great for freelancers and any small business.

What features do you receive with ReliaBills FREE?

ReliaBills FREE isn’t just a trial. It’s entirely free for you to use for as long as you want. You never have to worry about a trial period ending right as you’ve finally learned how to put it to good use. Our free version is all about making it easy for your business to create and send invoices. That includes an unlimited amount of invoices to an unlimited amount of customers by an unlimited amount of users.

With our free version, you have the ability to set up completely automated recurring invoices that are professional and customizable. When it comes to creating and sending your invoices, our software has been designed and outfitted to replace your Word template. All of your invoices are sent via email and allow for an unlimited number of emails to be sent. These email invoices are also customizable, which allows you to personalize your company’s invoices. Additionally, our user database lets you keep track of your customer information, as well as your billing history.

Comparison between ReliBills Free and Plus

ReliaBills PLUS: $24.95 per Month

While our FREE version offers everyone the opportunity to utilize an effective and professional invoicing tool. Our PLUS version takes it up a notch and is specifically designed for businesses that rely on cash flow. The main objective of ReliaBills PLUS is to get your invoices paid.

Who is best fit for ReliaBills PLUS?

This version is great for subscription or recurring billing based companies, as it provides your business more tools for getting paid in a timely and effective manner. A typical user of ReliaBills PLUS is a growing business that needs assistance with accounts receivable and invoice automation. ReliaBills Plus is available for a monthly payment of $24.95.

What features do you receive with ReliaBills PLUS?

ReliaBills PLUS delivers three main features to successfully get your business paid:

  • Better Deliverability
  • Easier Payments
  • Improved Collections

We’ll take a look at all three features to help you get a sense of what makes ReliaBills PLUS so effective for growing businesses and subscription-based companies.

Better Deliverability

An important part of getting your invoice paid is making sure that the invoice is received. ReliaBills PLUS offers bounce detection to identify which emails have bounced so that you can fix the problem and complete your invoice delivery. Our PLUS version also allows you to send invoices based on your customer’s mail preference, whether by snail mail or paperless.

Different credit card options for easier payments

Easier Payments

The easier it is for your customers to pay, the better chance your business has of getting paid. ReliaBills PLUS offers online payments through our built-in merchant account. The PLUS version lets you store electronic payment methods for automatic payments and conducts automated re-tries if a payment fails.

Improved Collections

ReliaBills PLUS provides tools to drastically improve your collection process. Utilize custom and personalized automated payment reminders to be sent by your choice of email, snail mail, or text. Your business can take advantage of sending automated late fees and automated customer account statements. Our PLUS version also gives customers access to a brandable customer portal so that they can self-manage their payments. Additionally, it offers excellent accounts receivable and past due invoice reporting for administrative assistance to your business.

To learn more about which ReliaBills version is best for your business, contact us at 1.877.93BILLS (877.932.4557) or sales@reliabills.com.

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