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ReliaBills A Safe Option In Today’s Cyber Threat World

Never before has the threat of doing business online been so real. In the last 10 years, cyber-attacks have made the news outlets as, collectively, they have hacked Home Depot, Target, Chase and many more. They do not discriminate either as they also hack small businesses too. Many reports and trends consistently show that hackers actually prefer hacking smaller companies than the larger ones. It is said that since most small businesses do not have a dedicated cyber security department watching their network 24-7, their passwords tend to be very easy to crack. So what if you are a small business and need to do business online to sustain a growing business?

Well, there is a safe option where small businesses can collect the funds they are due from their clients through a secure, and reliable online merchant services company called ReliaBills.

How Do They Protect You?

ReliaBills mantra is “our ability to help you manage and grow your business is meaningless if we cannot protect you and your customers’ information and privacy.” The nail was hit right on the head with this statement. ReliaBills takes your business and client data very seriously and realizes all the risks you take each day when you conduct online business anywhere.

Finding a merchant services company, or trying to create a network that is 100% “hacker-proof” is not really possible today. If a hacker is determined, as you have read with the hacks of Target and even Sony, they will penetrate your network and other accounts. If not from a straight hack, they could send you a phishing email where if you get tricked into opening it, they will be able to see all they need from your business computer.

Simple as it sounds, the best weapon today against hackers looking to penetrate your network and merchant account is to create complex passwords and not give them out to any 3rd parties no matter what they say. Secondly, only work with merchant services companies who practice anti-cyber attack methods and are truly aware of the real threat of being hacked.

Believe it or not, some new small business owners who buy a wireless network, often keep the factor password that used to be often set to 012345678. If you keep simple passwords like this, there is no merchant services company in the world that will be able to keep hackers from entering your network, or account.

However, what ReliaBills has done is take a keen focus on encryption. They use 256-bit SSL encryption and all user payments, and transaction information is stored behind exceedingly sophisticated firewalls that are constantly being monitored and only accessible by secure protocols such as HTTPS. If you know you will need to keep your client’s credit card numbers on file, all CC numbers are tokenized and account information is stored in a PCI DSS compliant network.

What Do All These Security Measures Mean?

When you find a merchant services company that is taking these kinds of actions to secure your account and protect you and your clients. This tells you that they are real industry professionals who are in tune with today’s cyber risks and how to best combat them. As mentioned before, no account, email, database, or cloud is 100% unhackable. However, with the cybersecurity measures taken by ReliaBills, the “short-attention” spans of most hackers, will eventually take center stage. When it does, they will grow bored with trying to get into your account and getting denied, then move on to an easier target. ReliaBills is a merchant services company that puts your online safety first. Trust ReliaBills with your next online transaction.

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