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Size Does Matter in Business

Most small businesses and start-ups often have the mindset of wanting to look that way – small and limited. However, that’s not what doing business is all about. No matter what your company may be right now, you should always look to expand whenever you can. While looking small may benefit a select few businesses; it can be detrimental to many, regardless of their actual size. Few opportunities exist for small businesses, as many clients look to deal with companies that can do more. That’s why you need to appear bigger. Most corporate branding and other items are priced for large corporations and will require years of revenue-earning to even start the process. That’s why once the opportunity presents itself to make your small business appear bigger, you should jump on it.
Grab the chance to make your company appear larger and can handle more tasks than it usually should. That way, your business can get more opportunities which will help it expand and grow. In this article, we’re going to show you two important aspects of business and how ReliaBills can improve these areas. These are ‘invoicing’ and ‘customer management.’


If you’re a small business, then you might be familiar with an online accounting software called QuickBooks. Unfortunately, every other business is also aware of it. They know most small businesses are using it for invoicing purposes. The standard QuickBooks invoice has the typical boxy look and standard 0001 through 9999 invoice numbers. Apart from it being bland and lacking some important details, a QuickBooks invoice also displays more QuickBooks branding than yours. When you use QuickBooks, you’re also unintentionally promoting it to other clients instead of your brand.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of invoice. It’s fast and efficient – and it gets the job done. Unfortunately, it doesn’t stand out or make your business look unique and eye-catching. Using QuickBooks also indicates that you are a small business with limited resources to offer. That’s why you need to shift to an alternative option.

How ReliaBills Can Help with Invoicing

ReliaBills is that alternative. It can set you apart from the crowd of small businesses and will not even cost you a single dime. ReliaBills allows you to create fully customizable invoices that will help your brand achieve a uniqueness that will make it stand out. It will also enable your business to appear larger than it actually is. While the invoice may mark the end of the job with a client, it can also be an opportunity to start the referral process. Once your client receives an invoice, they will have the full discretion of whether or not they will refer you to other potential clients. They might also refer you to their friends and colleagues. All of that will depend on several elements like your offer, professionalism, pricing, and accessibility. However, your invoicing will have a huge impact on that decision as well.

A good invoice is an excellent opportunity not only to get you paid but also market your business. That’s why you should not waste the chance by going for an ordinary invoice coming from a brand that’s already known by many as a small business option. Instead, choose ReliaBills and watch how your referrals will shoot through the roof.

Customer Management

Another pitfall of small businesses is that it becomes too busy conducting work that they forget to manage their customer base properly. If you don’t keep update with customers billing, collection, and overall management, it will soon become clear that you’re a small business that can easily be placed at the end of the payables file. Your clients will consider you a low priority and will only pay you once they’ve settled invoices with other bigger partners. In many cases, being paid last will result in delays and incomplete bills. That’s why if you want your brand to be important, you need to do something about customer management.

If you can stay on top of customer billing and contact issues, it can boost your professional appearance and helps you with your bottom line. By managing your customer base effectively, you will appear like a bigger and more respectable organization. You will look like you’re capable of more work and services, and you will land more deals with high-quality clients.

How ReliaBills Can Help with Customer Management

ReliaBills offers the services necessary to help give your company the look and feel of a larger company. Our billing and invoicing systems will help you create a professional invoice and manage your customers effectively. ReliaBills can become your accounts receivable department – capable of helping you send invoices and get paid like a true professional.

The best part about ReliaBills is that we don’t charge anything for these services. We understand that this type of service is invaluable to small businesses that will help them save time and money. In turn, your business will grow and flourish into the business it’s working to become. At ReliaBills, we do exceptional work at making sure you get paid and be treated like a larger organization.

To learn more about these opportunities for your business, contact ReliaBills at 1.877.93BILLS.

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