How To Create a Production Assistant Invoice Template

How to Create a Production Assistant Invoice Template

A production assistant is a profession that doesn’t get a lot of credit for all the hard work that it does. It’s one of the people behind the scenes who help orchestrate the entire show. With all of the work that a production assistant deal with, it’s only right that their payment comes on time. By sending a production assistant invoice, the production team can keep track of their expenses and you’ll get paid on time. But first, it’s important to know how to create a production assistant invoice.

In this article, we’re going to discuss how to create a production assistant invoice template. We’re going to go over essential steps that will help you create a proper invoice that’s suited for your specific job. That way, you will know how to make your unique invoice and make sure you get paid on time.

What Does a Production Assistant Do?

Production assistants are highly viewed as the position that does it all – a “Jack of all trades,” if you will. They help the entire team by providing them with the support they need to get their jobs done. Production assistants help prepare the set with lighting, props, equipment, etc. They aid costume designers, directors, cameramen, and other members of the production team. Production assistants are also responsible for printing and distributing paperwork like call sheets and scripts.

Duties of a Production Assistant

People who aim for a film career often start their journey as production assistants as it provides them with the necessary experience to help them transition into more prominent roles such as directors, cinematographers, actors, and more. Whether on the actual set or in the office, production assistants are expected to handle the following responsibilities:

  • Run various errands
  • Provide all-around assistance.
  • Provide necessary transportation.
  • Make and answer important phone calls
  • Book important meetings and set agendas.

The above list is only a bite-sized sample of what a production assistant does. They are hired to fulfill tasks that other workers don’t want to do. That’s why a production assistant is also considered the backbone of the production. Without their presence, the entire team can’t function optimally.

Becoming a Production Assistant

Becoming a production assistant doesn’t have any education requirements or prior experience. As long as you are willing to do the job and you display the skill and commitment to becoming one, you can become a professional PA if you truly want to. However, if you want a faster promotion, you can pursue formal education by earning a degree in communications, film, or videography.

Production Assistant Salary

According to the recent update on, the average production assistant in the U.S. earns roughly $30,297 to $40,220 a year. For instance, a production assistant’s salary is highly dependent on a lot of factors, namely the following:

  • Level of experience
  • Budget of the production
  • Whether the position is in contract or full-time

Steps to Create a Production Assistant Invoice

To create a production assistant invoice template that you’ll be using for invoicing purposes, it’s important to follow the right path. Here’s a step-by-step process on how you can create the right production assistant invoice:

Step 1: Start with Your Full Name

Any invoice always starts with the sender. You include your full name, address, and the recipient’s details. As a production assistant, you are sending your invoice on behalf of your production manager. So, make sure you mention his name alongside yours. Don’t forget to include the designation in the company as the invoice might get lost if the receiver considers it unimportant.

Step 2: Include Relevant Contact Details

After adding your production manager’s details, add their contact details as well. In some cases, the client will have doubts or disagreements with the expense details. So, make sure you provide them with an active phone number so they can reach you whenever they have concerns or clarifications.

Step 3: Registration Details

With both identification and contact information now in place, it’s now time to add the invoice details. Make sure you include the invoice serial number as it will serve as an important element when your company needs to refer to the bill amount in the future. It will also be necessary when the client will have concerns regarding the amount. The next bit of information you need to add is the name of the project that you’ve worked on with your client, as well as the corresponding job description of the project.

Step 4: Add Client Details

With the project name and job description now in place, the next thing you need to add is the recipient’s details. Add your client’s official name and address. If the payment is for a particular project you worked on, include the company name and address.

Step 5: Add Proper Description of Service Rendered

Finally, include the main part of the invoice, which is the main detail that your client will be looking at once they open the document. Include individual billing charges for each item on your list. Photographers, editors, and writers will require per-head payments that you’ll need to determine. To make sure you get paid faster, make sure you include different payment options. Your client will appreciate you more when they find out they can pay whichever method they find convenient.

Different Types of Production Assistant Invoices

Keep in mind that there isn’t a single production assistant invoice that you can always go to whenever you need to bill a particular client. There are various templates that you need to know. Here are some of them:

  • Standard Production Assistant Invoice Template
  • Event Production Assistant Invoice Template
  • Production Assistant Job Invoice Template
  • Production Assistant Manager Invoice Template
  • Formal Production Assistant Invoice

How ReliaBills Can Help

If you require a quick production assistant invoice, you can always turn towards professional invoicing systems like QuickBooks or Freshbooks. They offer free invoice templates, including one for production assistants. However, if you want to fully customize your invoice and send it to your customers on a single platform, you should check out ReliaBills.

ReliaBills is one of the best invoicing systems out there. It comes with a plethora of invoice templates that you can use and customize to your heart’s content. You can even add your company logo, colors, and overall theme to make it more unique to your brand or business.

Once you’re ready, you can send your invoice to your clients and wait for them to make the payment. ReliaBills will let you track the progress of your invoice via email notifications. That way, you will know if your clients have opened and viewed your invoice, as well as when they have made payment.

The best part about ReliaBills is that it’s 100% FREE. Therefore, all you need to do is create an account and you’re ready to create your production assistant invoice. In addition, make sure you save the template you made so that you can use it in the future.

Wrapping Up

It’s always essential to create and send the right invoice. Proper invoicing is necessary to get paid for production assistants. In other words, make sure all the work that you put into your job is worth every penny by creating a professional production assistant invoice using the guidelines above.

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