Are you looking to become an accountant without a degree? Here's some tips and other helpful information about becoming an accountant.

How To Become an Accountant without a Degree? A Comprehensive Guide

Are you looking to become an accountant without a degree? Becoming an accountant is a great career choice, but how do you do it if you don’t have a degree? It may seem like the only way to become an accountant is to get your degree in accounting first. However, there are ways that you can still pursue this profession even without having a college education. 

In this article, we will discuss how to become an accountant without a degree and what kind of certifications or qualifications are necessary for becoming one. We will also provide tips on succeeding in this field and other helpful information about becoming an accountant. Let’s get right to it!

Becoming an Accountant Minus the Degree

Let’s get to it. Yes! Becoming an accountant without an accounting degree is possible. However, as expected, it’s going to be more challenging. It will require more experience and training to reach the same level of expertise as someone who went the traditional route—getting a degree in accounting. 

With that said, here are some potential benefits of becoming an accountant without getting a proper degree:

Practical Experience

Without a degree, you may have gained practical experience in accounting through on-the-job training, internships, or other work experience. This hands-on experience can be valuable in developing skills and knowledge applicable to the workplace.

Career Flexibility

Becoming an accountant without a degree can offer more flexibility in career paths. For example, you may start in a bookkeeping role and work up to more senior accounting positions without needing to return to school for a degree.

Cost Savings

Pursuing an accounting degree can be expensive, and choosing to become an accountant without a degree can save you the cost of tuition, textbooks, and other related expenses.

Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Without the constraints of a traditional career path, becoming an accountant without a degree can provide opportunities for entrepreneurship, such as starting your accounting or bookkeeping business.


Networking can be a valuable tool for career growth. Without a degree, you may have more opportunities to network with other professionals in the accounting field, such as through professional organizations, mentorship programs, or industry events.

Becoming an accountant without a degree is doable; however, it may limit your career opportunities and earning potential in the long run. Many employers require a degree or certification for accounting positions, and having a degree can also lead to higher salaries and more advanced job roles. 

So while it is possible, it’s still recommended that you consider pursuing a degree or certification if you are serious about a career in accounting. You can still get a degree in accounting after you’ve gained experience and certifications without one.

Accounting Jobs that Don’t Require a Degree

While many accounting jobs require a degree or certification, some roles within the accounting field do not necessarily require a degree. Here are some examples:


Bookkeepers are responsible for recording financial transactions, maintaining accurate records, and reconciling accounts. While some bookkeeping positions may require a degree or certification, many smaller businesses and organizations may hire bookkeepers without formal education if they have relevant work experience.

Accounting Clerk

Accounting clerks perform various tasks, such as maintaining records, processing invoices, and preparing financial reports. This role may not require a degree, although some employers may prefer candidates with some accounting coursework or experience.

Tax Preparer

As the name implies, tax preparers help businesses and individuals prepare and file their tax returns. While a degree is not always required for this role, tax preparers may need to obtain certification or licensure in their state or country.

Accounts Payable/Receivable Clerk

Accounts payable and accounts receivable clerks are responsible for processing invoices, managing vendor and customer accounts, and reconciling accounts. This role may not require a degree, although some employers may prefer candidates with relevant coursework or experience.

Accounting Assistant

Accounting assistants support accounting departments, such as preparing financial statements, managing data entry, and reconciling accounts. This role may not require a degree, although some employers may prefer candidates with relevant coursework or experience.

So while not having a degree will limit the potential work you can do in the accounting field, there are still plenty of opportunities to pursue without one. You can also look into certifications and continuing education courses to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to work in accounting.

How To Become an Accountant Without a Degree?

If your mind is set on becoming an accountant without a degree, here are some steps you can take to inch closer to that goal:

Gain Relevant Work Experience

One of the best ways to develop accounting skills and knowledge is through on-the-job training. Look for entry-level accounting or bookkeeping positions that offer training and mentorship opportunities. You can also consider internships or volunteer work in accounting-related roles to gain experience.

Obtain Relevant Certifications

While not required, obtaining relevant certifications such as Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), or Certified Bookkeeper (CB) can demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in accounting. In addition, many certification programs offer training materials and study guides to help you prepare for the exam.

Take Relevant Courses

While a degree is not required, accounting courses can provide a solid foundation in accounting principles and practices. Look for community college courses, online courses, or continuing education programs that offer accounting coursework.

Network with Professional Accountants

Networking with other accounting professionals can provide valuable insights into the industry and potentially lead to job opportunities. Attend accounting-related events, join professional organizations, and seek mentorship or job shadowing opportunities.

Keep Up with Industry Trends and Developments

The accounting industry is constantly evolving, so staying current with the latest trends, technology, and regulations is essential. Subscribe to industry publications, attend conferences and webinars, and participate in professional development opportunities to stay current.

It goes without saying that becoming an accountant without taking a degree will require more effort and dedication. However, following the tips outlined above, you’ll have the highest chance of becoming an accountant without a degree.

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Wrapping Up

Becoming an accountant without a degree is possible and achievable. You can build a successful accounting career with the proper certifications, courses, networks, and trends in place. Also, don’t forget to use reliable invoicing and billing software like ReliaBills to manage your payment processes! Get started today!

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