Credit Card Error Messages and How To Deal with Them

10 Credit Card Error Messages and How To Deal With Them

There are only a few things in the world that are as frustrating as a credit card error. Just imagine the excitement that you feel about buying something that you wanted, and your credit card doesn’t cooperate with you. The same goes for paying and processing invoices using credit cards and encountering an error. In the digital age, we now have the convenience of paying through online without having to use physical money. However, challenges such as an error in your credit card is a flaw that’s been causing problems for most consumers and business owners. So how do you deal with it? First, you need to know the different credit card error messages so that you know what you’re up against. I’ve rounded up 10 of the most common credit card error messages and how you can deal with them.

Credit Card Error Messages

If you’ve been using a credit card for quite some time, you’ll be aware that some transactions come back with an error message that’s represented by a code. I’ve listed all of these codes and their corresponding error messages, so you will know what they mean. At the same time, I’m also going to show you how to deal with these errors in the event that you encounter them in your future credit card transactions.

1) Error Code 00 or 000005: ‘Do Not Honor’

If you receive an error message with code 00 or 000005, it means that the issuing bank is declining to authorize the card. The most common cause of this is insufficient funds. However, that could also be a decline 000051 (more on that later).

How to deal with error code 00 or 000005?

The best thing you can do is contact your bank for a more detailed explanation of the decline. I highly recommend you not attempting another transaction using your credit card for the next 24 hours after the initial decline.

2) Error Code 000001: Card on Hold

Also known as 000004, 000007, 000041, or 000043, these codes indicate that your card has been flagged for pickup by your issuing bank. It can also be an indication that the card your using has been reported to be lost or stolen. The processor who will receive this error will most likely withhold your card until they verify this error by calling the bank.

How to deal with error code 000001?

If you’re not aware of your card being lost, stolen, or flagged, you can contact your bank for clarification about this error. You can also use a BIN search engine online to identify the bank that issued your card if you don’t have information on that. Enter the first six digits of the card number, which you can then use to find a number of commonly used BIN search engines. Perform a Google search on ‘bin lookup’ to get started.

3) Error Code 000014: Invalid Card Number

If you incorrectly entered your card number manually, you will immediately receive the decline code 000014, indicating that you entered an invalid card number. If you’re swiping a transaction, there are also cases that the credit card magnetic strip is damaged and may need to be cleaned or replaced.

How to deal with code 000014?

There’s no other way but to re-enter your card number and try the transaction again. If you’re swiping and got this error, it’s probably due to a faulty magnetic strip. You should clean your magnetic strip right away. If the issue persists, report this issue to your bank and have them replace your credit card with a new one.

NOTE: This error code is also similar to 000015, which indicates no such Issuer. The solution to dealing with this error is also identical to code 000014.

4) Error Code 000051: Insufficient Funds

This error code indicates that there isn’t enough money left on your credit card balance to authorize your current transaction.

How to deal with error code 000051?

Keep the balances under 30% of your limit, and under 10% if you’re trying to maintain an excellent credit score. That way, you will prevent this error and even improve your credit record.

5) Error Code 000054: Expired Card

Your card has reached beyond its expiry date, and you weren’t able to renew it. 

How to deal with error code 000054?

Head to your bank and renew your credit card. Make sure you’re mindful of your deadlines next time and make sure you renew your credit card beforehand.

6) Error Code 000057: Service Not Allowed

Also known as ‘Transaction Not Permitted’, your issuing bank has declined authorization due to a restriction on your credit card or account. The restriction may be due to the type of businesses where the card is being used, or the type of transaction itself (i.e., online, in-store, etc.).

How to deal with error code 000057?

For a more definite and accurate explanation of the decline, you will need to contact your bank immediately. You’ll be presented with a clearer and more comprehensive information as to why the bank is declining authorization on your credit card.

7) Error Code 000061: Withdrawal Limit Exceeded

Not enough money is on your credit card to authorize the transaction; similar to ‘Insufficient Funds’.

How to deal with error code 000061?

See the solution for code 000051.

8) Error Code 00062: Restricted, Invalid Service Code

Every business has a corresponding Service Industry Code (SIC). This four-digit code denotes the industry type that the merchant belongs. SIC 5182, for instance, designates to “eating places, restaurants,” while SIC 8111 pertains to “legal services.” Your credit card may have restrictions in places that limit the number of users in a variety of businesses. The decline code 000062 may indicate that your card may have limitations and is preventing you from using your card at a particular business.

How to deal with error code 000062?

Contact your bank for further explanation and clarity of the matter. You can then ask them to provide you with an alternate form of payment. You can also ask your bank about the nature of your card, which includes its restrictions on certain businesses and places.

9) Error Code 000065: Activity Limit Exceeded

For this error, your issuing bank has restricted that activity limit on your credit card.

How to deal with error code 000065?

Contact your bank to know your activity limit. That way, you will be more mindful of it next time.

10) Error Code 000091: No Reply

You’re unable to reach your issuing bank for authorization.

How to deal with error code 000091?

Contact your bank to see why you’re not getting a response from them when you use your credit card.

These are 10 of the most common credit card errors that you will encounter. There are other card error messages that are not mentioned in this list. They are more advanced card errors that require deeper discussion. I will talk about them in a later article.

How to Take Advantage of Recurring Card Payment

Just because credit card errors happen doesn’t mean you need to stop accepting credit card payments. In fact, you should continue accepting card payments as it is one of the most effective and convenient options for getting paid in today’s business landscape. 

A recurring credit card payment involves the customer giving authorization to the merchant to take payment from them automatically through either debit or credit card. Payment will remain active until the customer cancels the arrangement or ends their subscription to your product or service.

Recurring payment enables the business to take payments from a customer account on specific dates of their choice and for different amounts without seeking further authorization from the customer. A recurring payment can be the following:

  • For a regular price, usually a fixed amount
  • For a less frequent yet regular payment
  • One-time payment that’s paid before or after acquiring the product/service

How ReliaBills Can Help

If you’re a business and you’re using your credit card to process your invoices, ReliaBills offers a safe and effective way to get that done without any issues. It’s Merchant Services Revenue Recovery Tactic will give you direct access to your customers and their ongoing payments. ReliaBills can also create standard and recurring invoices to make sure you pay and get paid no matter the circumstances.

Other than the ones already mentioned, ReliaBills also offers  the following services:

Faster Payment

ReliaBills offers a fully integrated payment solution. That means no connections or gateways. You can start accepting payments via email, phone, website, or even in person. All you need to do is include a ‘Pay Now’ option in your email invoice or on your website. That way, all your customer needs to do is click that button, fill out their payment credentials, hit ‘confirm,’ and funds are coming your way. 

You can even accept payments in person. ReliaBills features a virtual payment terminal, allowing you to accept electronic payments in person, over the phone, or any other online payment option that you accept. That way, you will get paid faster and on time, which ReliaBills is all about.

Collection Automation

With ReliaBills, you’ll never have to make a collections call again. Our engagement manager will help you create a custom payment collection plan that will automate everything. From personalized emails, text messages, snail-mail, and even late fees, ReliaBills will handle everything for you. All you need is to set it up, and you’re all set to get paid automatically.

The process is straightforward! All you need is to create a free ReliaBills account, use our invoice templates, use our automated invoice collection software, and you can ensure that you’ll never have to collect the payment again manually.

Worried that payments will fail? No worries! Once ReliaBills detects failed payment, our system will automatically do a re-try. Your customer will also get a notification about the issue. Your customer can then either change their card or update their payment info. That way, you won’t have to notify them yourself.

Recurring and Subscription Billing

ReliaBills lets you automate your entire billing process. That way, you will spend less time billing customers and creating a recurring billing process. ReliaBills does that for you instead! You can use your free time onboarding customers, retooling your marketing strategy, creating better pricing plans, and running your business. The billing process will run by itself in the background.

You can either create one manually or have ReliaBills generate one for you when it comes to invoicing. Save a lot of time by having your invoices imported and sent automatically. You can even schedule your invoices to be sent on a particular date within the month!

Once you enroll your customers on ‘Auto Pay,’ they can make their payments automatically. All your customer needs are to enter and save their payment info. Once they do, ReliaBills and its outstanding recurring billing process will handle the rest. Even if pricing changes every month, having a recurring payment in place will ensure that your customers pay on time.

All the invoices that you create on the ReliaBills platform are designed for recurring payments. Your invoices can display either the open invoice balance or the open account balance. You can make changes whenever you need to so that you won’t have to do it later.

ReliaBills does more than anyone when it comes to getting you paid. Visit our website for more information. For inquiries, send us an email at or call our hotline at 1-877-932-4557.

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