BARK, formerly known as BarkBox, is a dog-centric company with a single-minded devotion to making dogs and their people happy. Learn more!

What is BarkBox (BARK)? The Story Behind a Successful Company

BARK, formerly known as BarkBox, has taken the world by storm with its innovative business model and unwavering commitment to delivering joy to dogs and their humans. Launched in 2012, BARK began as a monthly subscription service offering themed toys and treats to its subscribers’ doorsteps.

In a recent interview, Becky Segal, VP of Platform Engineering, gave an exclusive insight into the journey of a company that has redefined the pet industry, establishing itself as one of the most successful subscription box services in the market today.

This article aims to delve into the story of the transition of BarkBox to BARK, its unique business model, and the secrets behind its phenomenal success.

About BARK

BARK is a dog-centric company with a single-minded devotion to making dogs and their people happy. Beginning as BarkBox in 2012, BarkBox quickly made a mark in the pet industry with its unique, subscription-based service. BARK’s offerings extend beyond products to include services and content tailored to meet the needs of dogs and their humans.

Every month, subscribers receive a themed box filled with a curated selection of toys, treats, and chews, providing unprecedented excitement and joy to dogs nationwide. BARK’s commitment to quality is evident in its products, each of which is thoughtfully designed and thoroughly tested for safety and durability.

BARK has a broad spectrum of reach, operating in two key segments—direct-to-consumer and Commerce. The Direct to Consumer segment primarily involves the subscription service, offering tailored experiences to its subscribers. On the other hand, the Commerce segment focuses on selling products through retail partners and their e-commerce website. This approach allows the company to cater to various needs, ensuring dogs and their people feel valued and cared for. 

BARK has reimagined the bond between dogs and their humans and has also revolutionized how people think about pet care and products. With its unique business model, innovative offerings, and unwavering dedication, BARK has laid a robust foundation for a future replete with continued success.

About BARK’s Monthly Subscription Box

BARK’s flagship product, the monthly subscription box, is the cornerstone of their service. Each month, subscribers receive a uniquely themed box containing a mix of toys, treats, and chews designed to cater to their dogs’ specific needs and preferences. Themes span from ‘The Knights of the Hound Table’ to ‘Chewrassic Bark,’ making every box an adventure.

Tailored Experience

One of the key differentiators of BARK’s service is their commitment to personalization. Subscribers are asked to provide detailed information about their dogs, including breed, age, size, and dietary restrictions. This information is used to tailor the contents of each box, ensuring a truly personalized experience that delights both dogs and their humans.


In addition to their subscription boxes, BARK also offers a personalized meal plan service, BARK Eats. This service provides tailored dog food recipes that cater to the specific dietary needs of each dog. It further cements BARK’s dedication to providing a comprehensive suite of products and services that cater to every aspect of a dog’s life.

BARK Bright

BARK Bright is a dental health subscription to keep dogs’ teeth clean and healthy. It includes a daily dental stick and toothpaste that dogs like, helping to tackle the common problem of canine dental care in an innovative and enjoyable way.

Super Chewer

Understanding that every dog is unique, BARK provides a subscription box for strong chewers. The ‘Super Chewer’ box includes tougher toys and chews that promise to stand up to even the most enthusiastic chewers, ensuring every dog can enjoy their box, no matter how tough their bite might be. 

Combining the aforementioned services and a range of other offerings, BARK’s business model ensures a diverse range of high-quality, tailored experiences that foster the well-being and happiness of dogs and their humans.

What Made BARK a Huge Success?

The success of BARK is a result of a harmonious blend of innovative strategies, customer-centric philosophies, and relentless commitment to quality. Let’s delve into the factors that significantly contributed to BARK’s meteoric rise in the pet industry.

A Unique and Engaging Concept

BARK’s concept of delivering a customized box of dog treats and toys to its subscribers every month was a fresh perspective in the pet industry. This novelty caught the attention of pet owners and quickly garnered a loyal customer base. The company’s brilliant idea of having a different theme for each month’s box intrigued the product and added an element of surprise, which captivated their customers even more.

High Quality and Safe Products

BARK never compromised on quality. They ensured that the products included in their boxes were entertaining and safe for pets. Every toy and treat underwent rigorous testing, and they only included items that passed their safety and durability standards. This commitment to quality helped BARK earn the trust and loyalty of its customers.

Personalization and Customer Centricity

BARK’s focus on personalization and customer-centric strategies was vital to its success. By gathering information about the pet’s breed, size, age, and dietary requirements, BARK was able to tailor each box to the specific needs of the pet. This level of personalization made each box unique and further strengthened the bond between the brand and its customers.

Expansion into Related Services

BARK’s expansion into ancillary services, such as BARK Eats and BARK Bright, also contributed to its success. These services helped BARK to establish itself as a one-stop solution for all dog care needs. By providing personalized meal plans and dental care, BARK diversified its product portfolio and deepened its relationship with customers.

Strong Online Presence

BARK’s strong online presence also played a significant role in its success. The company leveraged social media platforms to engage with its customers, gather feedback, and build a community of dog lovers. This allowed BARK to understand its customers better and cater to their needs more effectively.

Leveraging Modern-day Technologies

BARK’s success results from innovative strategies, customer-centric philosophies, and their effective use of modern-day technologies. They employ digital tools to streamline operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth.

Subscription Billing Management Software

One prime example of BARK’s technological savvy is its subscription billing management software, primarily Recurly. This tool helps manage the complexities of subscription billing, allowing BARK to efficiently process payments, manage customer accounts, and handle renewals. Recurly also provides crucial insights into customer behavior and revenue trends, enabling BARK to make data-driven decisions.

API and Webhooks 

BARK extensively uses APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) and webhooks to integrate with other software platforms and automate various processes. APIs allow BARK’s systems to communicate with external platforms, facilitating real-time data transfer and enhancing operational efficiency. Webhooks, on the other hand, enable BARK to automate actions based on specific triggers, which helps in the timely communication and fulfillment of orders.

Automatic Fulfillment 

BARK has also implemented automatic fulfillment systems to deliver its subscription boxes. This technology automates the ordering, packing, and shipping processes, ensuring that every subscriber receives their uniquely themed box on time. By leveraging these technological advancements, BARK has managed to build an efficient and scalable business model that can cater to the needs of millions of dogs and their humans across the globe.

BARK’s unique business model, understanding of its customer base, commitment to quality, and strategic expansion into related services have been instrumental in its success. As the company continues to innovate and place the needs of dogs and their humans at the forefront of its operations, BARK certainly has a bright future.

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Wrapping Up

The success story of BarkBox to BARK is a testament to the power of customer-centric strategies, product quality, strategic expansion, and the prudent use of modern technologies. As they continue to innovate and cater to the needs of dogs and their humans, they set a high benchmark in the subscription box industry.

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