About ReliaBills

About Us

ReliaBills offers an innovative online solution to a traditionally offline process. Our solution was initially conceived and designed with small business in mind after seeing too many entrepreneurs unable to pursue their dreams due to the overwhelming burden of day to day business management. One such burden is the billing and collection of customer payments. By incorporating ease of use with automation, ReliaBills will significantly reduce the amount of time spent on this often unpleasant and sometimes very frustrating task.

Using our recurring pricing models, businesses can turn their attention towards introducing new creative ways to sell their products and services. By using our automated and branded relationship management tools, their customers are more informed and more in control of their finances.

Our Core Values

Be R.E.A.L.

Be Responsible. Be THAT person. The one who people turn to for suggestions and for answers. The one others can count on.

Be Enthusiastic. Enthusiasm comes from passion. It’s hard to fake passion.

Be Active. Being active means being engaged, participating, and contributing. No one ever scored a touchdown from the couch. And no one ever hit a home run without swinging the bat.

Be a Leader. When a problem arises, solve it. When an opportunity presents itself, go after it. With successes, celebrate shared accomplishments. With failures, take the appropriate responsibility. Lead by example.


To provide online solutions that save time, grow revenue, and enhance the relationship between our clients and their customers.

Green Initiative

Since the 2008 recession, consumer focus seems to have shifted from technology breakthroughs in energy such a solar, and returned to the application of consumer-focused green principles to already viable technologies, such as cloud, mobile, and social. As the ReliaBills solution emphasizes a paperless, more digital billing and paper management solution, look for us to introduce you to partners, information and solutions that strive for a cleaner, greener planet for ourselves and our children.

Management Team

Brant Pallazza – Founder / President

Brant left a thirteen-year career at Digital River, Inc. to launch ReliaBills. During his tenure at Digital River he managed three distinct business divisions, representing over 40,000 small-to-medium business clients and over a half a billion dollars in annual gross product sales. He led the business due diligence, integration and management of ten acquisitions and served on the board of Softonic, Inc. a Spanish company recognized as the largest software download site in the world.

In addition, Mr. Pallazza brings a +20-year history of direct response marketing from Western Publishing, Damark Int.,and Fingerhut Corp..

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