How Much General Contractors Charge per Hour

How Much Do Contractors Charge per Hour?

As a homeowner or someone who needs the services of a general contractor, it’s important to know what rate they charge. When hiring general contractors, you should expect that these professionals charge at an hourly rate. However, in other cases, you’ll also find that some contractors charge you depending on the project. But in most cases, it’s always hourly. So how much do these contractors charge per hour? Do they even charge per hour in the first place? Continue reading to find out!

Average General Contractor Rates

There isn’t any standard rate for general contractors since it differs from the state, city, and even the country you live in. However, the general range that one would expect to pay is usually around $50.00 to $150.00 per hour.

Other contractors don’t charge an hourly rate. General contractors charge at about 10 to 20 percent of the total construction project cost. For even larger projects, you might pay closer to the 25 percent mark for professional construction services. Here’s a breakdown of the current average contractor rates here in the U.S.:

  • Average General Contractor Costs
  • Average Cost – $4,000
  • High Cost – $58,000
  • Low Cost – $250

Standard General Contractor Fee Percentage

As mentioned earlier, general contractors’ salaries can be around 10 to 20 percent of the project cost, with the rate going as high as 25 percent for larger projects. The fees are calculated from a listing of materials, markup on subcontractor labor, and the total price of the entire job. General contractors package their fee in with all services for a single total price. They will pay you on your behalf for services, materials, and subcontractors. So, make sure you are aware of how much they tend to charge their clients. Also, keep in mind that these types of contractors generally charge you for fees that will depend on the amount of labor they need to exert.

Contractor Pricing

Contractors price their work as a markup on the services and materials to cover various factors such as the following:

  • Labor and workers’ compensation
  • Overhead of staff, operations, and office
  • Insurances and general liability claims
  • Contractor salary (profit)
  • Taxes

For more information on this, we highly suggest you contact your local general contractor to get an actual quote of their rate.

General Contractor Hourly Rates

Now that you have an idea of what contractors charge in bulk, it’s time to look closer at those who charge an hourly rate. While there are contractors that offer an hourly rate, you will be hard-pressed at finding one. Instead, what you should be looking for are handymen. While they are not generally qualified to remodel a home, contractors charge hourly for their work. Look for someone who will provide a bid or estimate on your project. A salary of a contractor isn’t always per hour. However, keep in mind that some charges an hourly rate. So, make sure you are aware of that to know how much an average or general contractor charge.

You can expect to pay around $50 – $150 per hour for a contractor and $40 – $50 per hour for a subcontractor or a helper if you can find one who’s willing to work at that particular rate. Be extra cautious about people who accept an hourly rate. Some tend to drag a job out to get the most money possible. That means a job that should’ve taken five hours can drag all the way to 9 or even 10 hours. A construction project that could’ve been completed in two weeks can potentially take up to a full month.

Professional handymen can be found for as little as $20 – $25 per hour. Their overhead costs are much lower; however, they also tend to drag projects to squeeze as much money as they can from you. So always monitor the status and progress of the project. Ask questions and raise points of concern when you do notice one.

Contractor Daily Rates

A more likely scenario that still needs some careful monitoring is paying contractors a daily rate. According to Angie’s List (Angi), most contractors also accept daily charges of around $300 – $500 a day. These numbers cover their overhead expense costs, as well as their profit from the job. So always be mindful when contractors charge you. That way, you will know how much a general contractor will charge – whether it’s a fixed, daily, or hourly rate.

When possible, always get a bid or estimate in writing. Afterward, whatever unforeseen circumstances arise can be amended and added as long as they are unforeseeable. Plumbing issues, bad wiring, or molds in the wall are considered unforeseeable. Removing a fixture to replace a floor tile but not taking into account the time and cost spent to do it in the estimates isn’t considered unforeseeable.

There are also some general contractors that work by bids. The reason is so that customers will not know how much they are making per hour. Whatever contractor you choose, just make sure you ask for an estimate to make sure you’re not spending more than you should on your project.


Speaking of estimates, it should always be the first thing you ask when looking for a contractor or handyman. The reason is that there isn’t any fixed rate in terms of contractor services. They will always fluctuate depending on the trend of the industry. To compete with the industry, contractors charge at a rate that’s close or even with other contractors. That way, clients won’t leave them for someone that’s cheaper yet offers the same services.

That’s why to make sure you get the right amount of service; you need to ask for an estimate on your particular project. The cheapest isn’t the best option. Always go with the one that offers the most reasonable rate.

Calculating Contractor Rate

You might be asking if you can calculate contractor rates so you can anticipate early on before approaching an actual contractor. However, that’s not really the case. The best and only option you have to determine contractor rates is to ask them for a quote or an estimate. That way, you will know how much contractors charge you for your specific project. But to give you an idea of the actual numbers here’s a breakdown of a general contractor’s price list:

General Contractor Price List per Project

Keep in mind that there isn’t any fixed price when it comes to professional contractor services. It will always fluctuate, depending on the project. You can contact your local contractor now if you need help in determining how much they charge.

How to Ask for an Invoice from a Professional Contractor

Finally, you should also know how to accept invoices from your contractor. Nowadays, there are a variety of ways in which you can receive an invoice. It can either be from manual invoices or electronic ones. We highly suggest you ask for an electronic invoice since you will be able to save it in your email in case of concerns without losing it. You can also use their previous invoice to determine how much they will charge you when you acquire their services again.

An online invoicing application like ReliaBills is one of the great options when it comes to paying your contractors. ReliaBills, in particular, offers a safe and secure system of receiving the invoice and sending the payment to the contractor. It will even notify you via email if the contractor has received the payment.

Wrapping Up

Use this article as a reference when looking for a reputable contractor. Remember that rates tend to change from time to time. Make sure you always ask for an estimate on your project. Gather up a list of a few local contractors and compare their rates. Find pros that offer the best rate for the job that you want them to do. Again, the cheapest isn’t always the best option. You should always go for the one that charges you at the most reasonable rate.

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