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How Does E-Invoicing Kill Your Business

We get it, converting from paper to electronic invoicing can be incredibly appealing. No more long waits at the post office, no more folding and assembling envelops, no more running out of printer toner at the worst possible moment! The fact remains though, e-invoicing can destroy a company’s ability to collect timely payments if it not handled correctly. If you’re considering making the leap to online invoices, here are a few things that your new software MUST have:

Automated Reminders

Important emails are easily lost in the flood of junk mail and spam we all receive each day. An overflowing inbox could mean that your invoices are never even be seen! A pre-defined schedule of reminders is absolutely critical to make sure your email rises above the noise. This way, if your first email gets missed somehow, your customers will automatically be reminded again that their payment is due.

Easy Online Payments

E-Invoicing saves a ton of time and money, but if you’re still requiring your customers to print invoices and mail a check, then you’re not going to get paid any faster. Adding online payments (credit card, ACH, echecks) means that your customers can click and pay just as quickly and conveniently as you create their invoices!

Delivery Detection

All the reminders in the world won’t matter if you send an invoice to a misspelled email address. Finding an e-invoicing system that alerts you when an email has been rejected is vitally important. After all, you certainly won’t get paid any faster if your clients don’t receive their bill in the first place! E-Invoicing can be completely AWESOME. When it’s done right, you save tons of time and money, your customers love how easy it is to pay, and last but not least you get paid faster. Now, who doesn’t want that?

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