Ad Manager

Turn every out going invoice, payment reminder and confirmation email into a promotional opportunity. With the ReliaBills Ad Manager, you can include an image or promotional message into all of your outgoing emails. This a GREAT opportunity to: Publish holiday or special hours Announce special promotions or offers Encourage referrals or more ! If you’ve […]


Accept/Record A Payment In this section, we will explain how to accept a payment and record the payment Search For Payments Go to the payments tab. Then click Search Payments. You can use filters such as Customer Name, date, Payment Type, and Payment Status to make it easier to find the payment. When you see […]

Customer Statements

Overview With a single click you can send one, some, or all customer a personalized statement of their account. We consider statements to be a form of reporting. That’s why you’ll find our customer statement functionality under the Reports tab. Then scroll down to the Customers section to and click on Customer Statement. Statement Set […]

Installment Invoices

Create A New Installment Invoice With ReliaBills, you can completely automate the creation of installment invoices. To get started… Start at the Invoices tab and then go to Installment Invoices. Creating an installment invoice is not that different than creating a recurring invoice. Start by selecting the customer. If you haven’t created any customers yet, […]

Recurring vs Installment Invoices. What’s the difference ?

With ReliaBills, you can create single Invoices, Recurring Invoices, Estimates, and now Installment Invoices. On the surface, there does not seem to be much difference between a Recurring Invoice and an Installment invoice. Both invoice types generate invoices on a pre-defined schedule. Customers can make payments manually or automate payments. But after that, things get […]

Auto Pay Authorization Form

Updated 10/22/2021 Not available in FREE version. ReliaBills makes it easy to get paid. When a customer is enrolled in auto pay, any invoices that are due or past due will automatically be submitted for paying using the payment method on file. And now, we make it even easier for your customers to enroll in […]

ReliaBills Training Videos

Dashboard Overview Create A New Customer Create A New Invoice Create A New Recurring Invoice Accept/Record A Payment Create A New Estimate Create an Installment Invoice Ad Manager

Payment Processing

Payment Types Go to Account Settings (the White gear in upper right) and then Payment Processing. In this section, you will find the payment types and cards currently active on your account. All accounts (FREE and PLUS) are “Active” for Checks, Cash, and Other. That means you can record payments that have been made using […]

Customer Portal

Client View The Customer Portal is where your customers will go securely log in. Where they view payment and invoice history, manage their personal information, securely store payment information and set their payment preferences.  The portal is available to ReliaBills PLUS accounts only. Customers will feel more comfortable going to the portal, logging in, and […]


Customer Overview With ReliaBills, customer information is always at your fingertips. The Customer Profile page is your customer dashboard. Here you can see all relevant information about your customers Balance Payment and billing history Billing Information Shipping/Service Addresses Account preferences Payment Information Custom settings Creating or adding a new customer is simple. Like many functions […]


Set up your products and services in advance to get these several benefits. Creating invoices or estimates is much faster. And instead of putting an entire name and description, pre-defined items can simply be selected from the drop-down when creating invoices or estimates. And when you pre-create a product and or service, a product ID is […]

Invoice Set-Up

Company Information or Invoice/Statement Display The standard invoice format displays your company information in the upper left corner of invoices and statements. Invoice Color, Header, Footer A professional-looking invoice is more likely to get paid. Use this section to promote your brand and also convey important payment-related messages. 1. Invoice Color. Start by adding some […]

Recurring Invoices

Create New Recurring Invoice With ReliaBills, you can completely automate the creation of invoices. Recurring billing. Installment billing. Variable billing. Start at the Invoices tab and then go to Recurring Invoices. Creating a recurring invoice is not that different than creating a single invoice. Start by selecting the customer. If you haven’t created any yet, […]


Create a New Estimate To get started with an estimate, go to the Estimate page.  As with many ReliaBills features, there are several ways to get there: Use the QuickLink on the left side of the Dashboard. Go to the Invoices navigation tab, then click Estimates. Once on the Estimate page, you will see that […]


Creating a New Invoice 1. Select a Customer If you haven’t created them yet, go to the Customers tab and create the new customer. The drop-down shows only Active customers. So if you don’t see the customer you created, search for them in Customers and make sure their status is “Active”. 2. Create Invoice Click […]

Welcome Email

ReliaBills provides you with a means of easily sending a Welcome email to your customers. The email can contain anything that you want. Introduce them to the features of your new billing service. And even send them logins and passwords to your billing portal (See the Customer Portal). This is entirely optional. You can send […]


1. Now that you’ve previewed/edited the email templates, reviewed the SMS templates and reviewed the postal templates, it’s time to schedule them using the engagement Timeline. Open the Timeline by clicking the blue bar labeled “Timeline”. 2. Just click on any of the colored “+” to open the list of available templates. Highlight the desired […]

Postal Templates

Sometimes customers don’t always read their email. That’s why ReliaBills offers automated postal reminders. Just place as many postal reminders on your collections timeline (see Timeline) and ReliaBills will print, fold, insert and mail your paper invoices via first class mail. Two templates are available for you to use.

SMS Templates

Our SMS delivery provides you with yet another means of engaging your customers regarding their past due invoices. With ReliaBills, you get two SMS message options that can be added to your collections timeline. ReliaBills comes pre-loaded with two SMS templates. To send your self a test, just enter your phone number and click the […]

Email Templates

ReliaBills comes pre-loaded with ready-to-use email templates. Click a pencil to edit. Click the magnifying glass to preview. You can even send yourself a test. Invoices, Estimates & Statements The New Invoice template is perhaps the most used template. It delivers all of your emailed invoices. Be sure that this template is worded appropriately. If […]

Email Color And Layout

Step 1: Identify the Reply Address. When emails are sent to customers from ReliaBills, we need to make sure that customer replies go back to you. Enter that email here. Add additional email addresses if you like. Separate by a comma (no spaces). ReliaBills will notify you if a customer email bounces or is undeliverable. […]

Engagement Manager Overview

You never really know why a customer is late paying their invoice. Often times, the only way to find out is to engage the customer. But that can take time. The Engagement Manager was designed get invoices paid by engaging customers. Using multiple channels (email, postal, text), personalization and automation, your invoices will get paid. […]

Custom Fields

Every business is unique. By creating custom fields for your customer database, you can keep track of important customer information and have it at your fingertips. Birthdate, fertilizer types, case numbers, pet names, favorite color…

QuickBooks 2-Way Sync

With the ReliaBills automated 2-way, you can keep both your QuickBooks Online and ReliaBills Accounts up to date with no double entry. Let QuickBooks count your money. ReliaBills will help you collect it. The ReliaBills sync to QuickBooks Online is a 2-way sync. That means, whatever you do in QuickBooks will be pushed to ReliaBills […]

Manage Users

Here, you can manage your access to ReliaBills. Including change your password and email. You can also add additional users. To add a new user, simply enter their name and email. You can also manage their access to content by assigning a “Role”. ReliaBills currently offers the following options:– Administrator can log in to the admin […]

Company Images

Your company logo will appear in a number of places throughout ReliaBills processes (emails, invoices, customer portal, etc.) . This is where you will upload the logo. We can accept most images and sizes. But we recommend that your logo should be any of the following images types: PNG, GIF or JPG.  We suggest transparent […]


When you log into your ReliaBills account, the Dashboard will immediately show you the most important items (who owes you money…who has paid you money, etc.) at a glance. What To See in ReliaBills Dashboard? 1. To-DO Items The To Do List helps you keep on track. Just click on any item. You’ll be taken […]

Quick Start

Feel free to explore on your own. Or, simply click the items in the To Do list. This list will help you customize invoices, email templates, and set up your account. Once done, we’ll show you how to add customers and create invoices.

Free vs PLUS

If it’s not easy, it doesn’t seem to get done. That’s why our invoicing is simple, professional, and downright awesome.   And when it comes to getting paid, no software does more than ReliaBills to get those invoices paid.

Account Information

General Contact Info Most of the information here was collected when you signed up for your ReliaBills account. If we need to contact someone, this is who we will reach out to. General Business Info Most of the information here was collected when you signed up for your ReliaBills account. Billing Information This information was […]

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