SMS Templates

Our SMS delivery provides you with yet another means of engaging your customers regarding their past due invoices. With ReliaBills, you get two SMS message options that can be added to your collections timeline.

ReliaBills comes pre-loaded with two SMS templates. To send your self a test, just enter your phone number and click the Send Test SMS button.

You can add SMS messages to your timeline and get paid, using Soft and Hard Reminder template.

Important things to know about SMS

  • The SMS messages cannot be edited. In order to ensure compliance will all collections regulations, editing or customizing these templates is not permitted.
  • Only Two SMS messages may be added to your collections timeline. Once again, in order to comply with collections regulations, we limit the number of messages to two.
  • All scheduled SMS messages are sent daily at 10:47 a.m. Central time. Why 10:47 a.m. ? Most customers are awake by this time. And most other automated message services send their messages on the hour. We want your messages to stand out.
  • The phone number cannot be edited. ReliaBills does not have control over the phone number being used to send SMS messages.
  • Personalization matters. The last thing we want to do is to look like a spammer. That’s why we add personalization to our SMS messages. We always want the customer to know who is sending the text and why.
  • There is no Pay Now link within a text. This is a common practice of spammers and fraudsters.
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