Email Templates

ReliaBills comes pre-loaded with ready-to-use email templates. Click a pencil to edit. Click the magnifying glass to preview. You can even send yourself a test.

Invoices, Estimates & Statements

The New Invoice template is perhaps the most used template. It delivers all of your emailed invoices. Be sure that this template is worded appropriately. If not, edit.

Payment Reminders

These are what get’s your paid. Use the templates…edit them…or create brand new ones. Once complete, you will be able to add them to your timeline (see Timeline below).

Customers & Payments

Most of these are automated operational emails. If you are going to spend any time on these, be sure to look at the Payment Received template. This is what gets sent to your customers when they make a payment. Be sure that this says Thank You appropriately.

Create new email templates, set up your invoices, estimates, and statements in the Email Templates section of ReliaBills
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