Invoice Set-Up

Company Information or Invoice/Statement Display

The standard invoice format displays your company information in the upper left corner of invoices and statements.

A company information statement popup window

Invoice Color, Header, Footer

A professional-looking invoice is more likely to get paid. Use this section to promote your brand and also convey important payment-related messages.

1. Invoice Color. Start by adding some color to your invoices. Click within the box to launch the color palate. Select a color from the palette or enter the HTML code directly.

A color pallette where you can choose any color for your invoice color accent

2. Header. A header on your invoice is a great place to add your company tag line or slogan. Simply place your cursor in the editor box and begin typing. Text that you type will be displayed in real-time on the sample. Use the editor to change fonts, text colors, etc.

If you want to edit your header to your invoices, you can do it in this section

3. Footer. The footer is an excellent place to put important payment terms.

If you would like to edit your footer on your invoices, you can do it in this section

NOTE: Your address will appear in the upper right corner of your invoices. So, unless specifically desired, you do not need to repeat it here.

When you are done, don’t forget to click Save.

Save button

Invoice Format

ReliaBills provides two general formats for your invoices:

  1. The Standard Invoice is simple, clean and clear. This format works for just about every type of business and customer.
  2. The Statement Invoice is available in PLUS accounts only. It is for those recurring billing businesses or those businesses where a customer may have multiple open invoices. This format will reference any other open invoices and the customer account balance. As a result, this format actually acts as a collections reminder for previous open balances.
An overview of a standard invoice sample and statement invoice sample

Invoice Start Number

  1. Enter your Invoice start number here.
  2. Every new invoice you create within ReliaBills will increment by 1. If an invoice number has already been used, it will be skipped when the next invoice is created. Invoice numbers must be numeric only.
  3. You may enter a new value here at any time. This will re-set the auto-numbering sequence. When an invoice is generated, you will have the option to use the auto-generated invoice number or manually enter an invoice number.
  4. Once saved, an invoice number cannot be changed or edited.

Tax Set-Up

Add up to two tax rates to your invoices. Rates and amounts can be changed or edited when creating an invoice.

A popup window to set up your tax options

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