Set up your products and services in advance to get these several benefits. Creating invoices or estimates is much faster. And instead of putting an entire name and description, pre-defined items can simply be selected from the drop-down when creating invoices or estimates.

And when you pre-create a product and or service, a product ID is assigned to the item. When you create a new invoice and select a pre-defined product or service, ReliaBills will keep track of all invoices and sales attributed to this product ID number. That allows you to run reports that track invoices and sales by product.

Products and Services Dashboard of ReliaBills

Important FAQs

  • The product name field allows you to input for 100 characters. While the Description field allows you to input for 4,000 characters.
  • The name you are using in the Product/Service field must be unique.
  • When you select pre-defined products/services while creating an invoice, all information pulled from the pre-defined item can still be edited within the invoice.
  • Any edits you made to a product/service in an invoice do NOT affect the stored pre-defined item.
  • If you edit a pre-defined product/service it WILL affect all invoices that have been created with that pre-defined product/service.
  • If you pre-define products/services for use in recurring invoices, the {datetag} can be used only in the Description field. Not in the Product/Service field.
  • All fields sync to QuickBooks.
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