(Effective February 15, 2021)

Monthly License Fee

Upon the activation of the ReliaBills Plus Service, we charge a monthly license fee of $24.95 per month. Regardless of the number of users, customers, invoices and emails.

Payment Processing Service Fees

There is no charge for recording cash or check payments. But if your customers pay by Credit/Debit card, we charge 3.0% plus $0.30 per transaction. If they pay using an American Express , we charge 4.0% plus $0.30 each. Note: you have complete control over which cards you make available for payments. And if your customers choose to pay by direct bank debit (echeck or ACH), we charge 99 cents each plus 0.25%.

We bill the monthly license fee to a card that you’ll have on file. Transactions are deposited directly to your bank account daily, minus the processing fee..

Additional Fees

We hate extra fees…but unfortunately there are a few:

Chargeback Fee – $20.00 each
eCheck Reversal – $20.00 each
eCheck Refund – $3.75 each
High Ticket Fee – .15% of gross sales amount for all debit/credit card transactions over $1,000
International Card Fee – 1.45% of gross sales for all debit/credit card transactions where the transaction is processed on a non-US bank card
Paper Invoicing or Statement Delivery – $0.70 per piece plus first class postage stamp
SMS fee – $0.05 per delivered message

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