Recurring Billing & Invoicing Software for Pool Maintenance Companies

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Running a successful Pool Maintenance company is not all fun-in-the-sun. Maintaining equipment (pumps, filters, skimmers), ensuring safe/effective chemical balances, reacting to weather influences (drought, storms). Plus managing crews, routes and customers. Who's got time for billing and invoicing?

Client Spotlight

Florida Pool Care Pros

Florida Pool Care Pros is one our clients that uses our pool invoicing software for their clients

Business Challenge

Between weekly pool cleaning, water chemistry testing, tile scrubbing, and more, the amount of maintenance swimming pools need requires the expertise of pool care professionals. Florida Pool Care Pros does just that for pool owners throughout Seminole and Orange Counties. After performing either weekly or one-time pool services, they face challenges when it comes to getting paid on time. While online billing has become the norm, elderly clients are reluctant to accept emailed invoices as they prefer paper billing. Because of this, Florida Pool Care Pros has to deliver invoices through a mix of email and postal delivery methods, which becomes a lot to manage. This business was in desperate need of a more seamless billing solution, as keeping track of both types of invoices and late payments became very difficult to do manually.

In order to solve these invoicing issues, Florida Pool Care Pros needed a billing solution to address both online and print invoices in a way that they could easily track.

ReliaBills Key Features That Benefit Pool Maintenance Companies

  1. Multiple invoice delivery options.
  2. Integration with bank account to easily allow electronic payments.
  3. Ability to create recurring monthly invoices.

Problem Solved

ReliaBills’ features make it possible for Florida Pool Care Pros to accommodate to customers’ invoicing preferences in a way that is easy to manage. They no longer have to force customers into accepting emailed or printed invoices, resulting in fewer late payments. Their website now features a “pay online” link, giving those who prefer online billing easy access when making a payment. Providing pool owners with these multiple options has resulted is less overall hassle, and ReliaBills takes care of these delivery methods so that billers don’t need to waste time trying to manage these different options.

For pool owners who receive frequent and regular maintenance to their pool, recurring invoices is an additional feature which simplifies the billing process. This eliminates the need for Florida Pool Care Pro’s to generate many separate invoices for simple maintenance customers. These automated invoices can be set up as frequently as you need and help save time!

“The ReliaBills team has been incredibly easy to work with, has been receptive to feedback and suggestions, and has always went above and beyond to assist us with resolving issues/solving challenges.”

Greg Jackson

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