Recurring Billing & Invoicing Software for Pet Care Professionals

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Pet care professionals offer services that are unique and personalized to the customer and their pet. There is not a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to billing and invoicing customers in this industry. With ReliaBills, pet care businesses are able to keep track of payments without having to spend time manually invoicing clients, making the process easier for everyone involved.

Client Spotlight

Scoopy Poo DoggyDoo Pickup company logo

Business Challenge

ScoopyPoo offers dog waste scooping services in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area, saving dog owners time and hassle by providing year-round pick up. When it comes to pricing, each customer is billed based on the total number of dogs and the frequency of the pick-ups. Customers can choose between “twice per week” or “every other week” service, with extra charges for larger yards. Due to the unique factors that need to be considered for each customer, everyone’s payment varies. This amounts to hundreds of unique client payments, making the process of getting paid on time a challenge. Due to the volume of payments, ScoopyPoo wasted countless hours managing payments and chasing down customers who did not pay on time.

ScoopyPoo needed a billing solution that was automated, organized and efficient. This is where ReliaBills steps in.

ReliaBills Key Features

  1. Ability to invoice a large quantity, up to 600 clients, in one billing period.
  2. Automated follow ups, messages, reminders and collections.

Problem Solved

The key features of ReliaBills that provide the most impact for ScoopyPoo are the automated reminders and the quantity of invoices we manage. Manually entering and managing hundreds of payments a month was extremely time consuming. Due to the large amount of invoices Reliabills can process, ScoopyPoo now spends more time on running their business and less time on invoicing! They also no longer have to make collection calls as the automated collections emails take care of this. If they want to check on monthly payments, ReliaBills’ reporting feature allows for users to quickly see who owes money, when certain invoices will be sent, who has recently made a payment, etc. ReliaBills takes care of all payments, but ScoopyPoo still has the ability to see all recent activity and stay in the loop. Like most businesses, ScoopyPoo uses QuickBooks for managing their accounting. ReliaBills’ 2-way-sync with QuickBooks means no double entry! No matter which software ScoopyPoo uploads their invoice to, it will automatically sync to the other.

ReliaBills’ automated invoicing software is the perfect match for businesses in the pet industry, as the services and clients can vary widely. Spend more of your time growing your business and less trying to collect payments from customers. Set up and automate invoices as frequently as you’d like with the ability to add-on additional costs. ReliaBills is proud to have solved SoopyPoo’s billing and invoicing problems with a solution that is extremely easy to use.

“We Love ReliaBills! This innovative software connects easily with QuickBooks and it all works! It has made the money side of the business so very easy and simple and we no longer had to spend hours a day following up with customer payments.”

Sonja Tengdin

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