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For membership organizations, retention is EVERYTHING. Making sure members stick around means providing them a compelling reason to stay. Unlike a single sale, memberships are billed ongoing. That means you have to show value constantly in order to keep members engaged, active and satisfied.

Client Spotlight

BNI is a membership club that automates their billing using ReliaBills

Business Challenge

For BNI Secretaries/Treasurers, collecting and tracking monthly fees was completely manual before signing up with ReliaBills. It was their responsibility to collect fees for its members to pay for things like meeting locations, food, beverages, special chapter events, etc. There are a wide range of venue fees that need to be taken care of and since all payments were offline, that meant taking checks and cash to the bank regularly. From collecting fees from members, to traveling and waiting at the bank, this ended up wasting a lot of time for BNI chapters. When payments are collected manually and members forget to pay, it also means having to chase members down for payments which is another job within itself. BNI secretaries/treasurers needed an automated billing solution that would allow for easier collection of venue fees with the ability to efficiently manage the chapter bank account.

ReliaBills Key Features

  1. Account Set Up: customers, invoices, branding, payments etc.
  2. Automated Electronic Payments

Problem Solved

With ReliaBills, BNI secretaries/treasurers no longer have to worry about manually collecting venue fees from members. ReliaBills takes care of setting up and managing customer portals so that BNI secretaries/treasurers don’t have to. The combination of these features makes member payments easier to manage and keep track of while also reducing the amount of collections calls and trips to the bank.

Thanks to electronic payments, there is now no need to carry cash or to collect checks. In addition, members no longer need to be reminded to bring checkbooks to meetings and now that payments can be made easier online, fewer payments are late. Online payments can be automated which allows for BNI secretaries to set up single or recurring payments at whatever frequency they need. Once payments are automated, BNI secretaries/treasurers can also set up automated reminders before payments are due to keep members in the loop. The ability to set up automated invoices and payment reminders results in fewer late payments!

BNI chapters require a lot of managing. Between tracking members down for payments and late fees to managing the chapter bank account, BNI secretaries/treasurers did not have enough time to invest in other areas of their chapter. This is why ReliaBills helps set up all invoices, branded customer portals, payments, etc. ReliaBills takes the work load off of membership organizations and helps them get paid!

“Having been in the Sec/Treas position at my BNI chapter for 2 additional years, I found ReliaBills to be the BEST timesaver for me! ReliaBills made tracking dues collections easy! Great support too! Thank you ReliaBills!! I highly recommend your services!”

Sandra Amyotte
BNI Secretary/Treasurer

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