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Successful Digital Marketing Agencies have built a sustainable stream of recurring revenue. They do this by delivering positive, measurable results to their clients. As their business grows, operational efficiency becomes critical. With ReliaBills, the automation of invoicing, payments and invoice collection is essential.

Client Spotlight

NorthWing Digital

Northwing Digital is a digital marketing agency that uses our invoice and billing software

Business Challenge

Growing digital marketing agencies have an ever-increasing amount of administrative work associated with billing their clients. While many clients are billed a flat fee monthly, others require down payments and final payments for one-time projects. Additionally, ongoing clients may have change-orders or additional work mid-month that must be included on their bill. NorthWing Digital was spending 5-6 hours per week managing billing and invoicing. With their growth, this workload was fast approaching a part time schedule for a dedicated billing specialist.

In order to sustainably grow, NorthWing Digital needed to find a scalable billing solution that included recurring invoicing, online payment functionality, auto-pay, and invoice collection reminder emails.

ReliaBills Key Features

  1. Automation: Invoice creation and billing are completely automated.
  2. QuickBooks Sync. Run the business in QuickBooks. But let ReliaBills gets invoices paid. And NO double data entry.

Problem Solved

The automation and customization offered by ReliaBills allowed NorthWing Digital to reduce the billing work load to a maximum of 2 hours per month. Their billing system is now scalable and will not become a roadblock to future growth.

NorthWing has set up automatic, recurring invoices for monthly retainer clients. They also have a set template for one-time projects that is easily editable and offers partial payments.

The most helpful component of ReliaBills has been the automated invoice collection emails. NorthWing’s average invoice collection time before ReliaBills was over 30 days with some invoices in excess of 90 days past due. Average invoice collection time is now down to under 15 days zero open balances past 60 days.

“ReliaBills has been an absolute lifesaver. We were spending WAY too much time chasing down clients for payments and organizing our billing process. ReliaBills is perfectly suited to our agency or any. Their unique combination of recurring invoicing and collection system is a great for companies charging for monthly SEO or any other digital marketing service. If you are looking for a billing or invoicing software for your digital marketing agency – ReliaBills is the answer.”


Kyle Scott

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