Create New Estimate

To get started with an estimate, go to the Estimate page. As with many ReliaBills features, there are several was to get there: 1) Use the QuickLink on the left side of the Dashboard. Or 2) Go to the Invoices navigation tab, then click Estimates.

Once on the Estimate page, you will see that. like invoices and recurring invoices, you always start by selecting a customer. Only active customer will be listed in the drop down. Select the customer and click Create Estimate.

You will see that creating an estimate is VERY similar to creating an invoice. About the only differences are:

  1. Estimates use a unique numbering system starting with the letter E.
  2. Instead of create dates and due dates, estimates use Estimate Date and Expire Date.
  3. In addition to saving and sending estimates, here is where you would convert an estimate to an invoice.

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