A presentation of having a small business doesn't mean your system is small but be big

Size Does Matter in Business

Small businesses often fall into the trap of looking small. Moreover, for some businesses, that is beneficial. However, for many businesses appearing small is a detriment to their reputation. Few opportunities exist for small business to appear bigger, especially when costs are factored into the equation. For example, most corporate branding and organization items are priced for large corporations and would require years of revenue to even begin the process. However, when the opportunity presents itself to help your small business appear as a large corporation that is ready to handle any task, you should jump on it.


Everyone knows a small business invoice when they receive it. It is the standard QuickBooks invoice with their logo may be at the top, but otherwise has the typical boxy look with standard 0001 through 9999 invoice numbers. Most QuickBooks invoices display more QuickBooks branding than yours.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this type of invoice. It is efficient and gets the job done. However, it does not stand out or make your business look unique. In addition, it definitely conveys that you are a small business with limited resources.

Good news! There is an alternative that will set you apart from the crowd and not cost you a dime. Utilizing a company like ReliaBills will allow you to create fully customized invoices that stand out and allow you to appear larger than you are. While invoicing may mark the end of the job with a particular client, it could be the beginning of the referral process. Once a client receives an invoice, they may make the decision whether or not they will refer you to their friends and colleagues, assuming the pricing is what was discussed, the company appears professional, and they found the products and/or services good. Therefore, this opportunity to market your company should not be wasted on a run-of-the-mill invoice.

Customer Management

One of the other pitfalls of small businesses is that the business itself is so busy conducting the work they forget to manage it. In not keeping up with the customers’ billing, collection, and overall customer management, it becomes clear that you are a small business and that you could be easily put toward the end of the payables file. However, if you are able to stay on top of customer billing and contact issues, it not only helps your bottom line, but it also boosts your professional appearance. You appear more like a larger organization, capable of much more work and services, which in turn will bring more customers to your door.ReliaBills offers the services necessary to help give your company the appearance of a larger organization, which helps you manage your customers and invoicing needs. They essentially become your accounts receivable department with the click of a button. Furthermore, they do not charge anything for these services. This type of service is invaluable to small businesses and ultimately saves time and money to allow the business to grow and flourish into the business it is working to become. To learn more about these opportunities for your business, contact ReliaBills at 1.877.93BILLS.

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