Fewer and fewer small businesses are run in an office or a brick and mortar establishment in this day and age. Much of the time, owners aren’t in a chair but are out in the field getting work done, shaking hands, and dealing with customer issues that may arise. Often, these small businesses are maybe a one or two person show, leaving the business of getting paid left behind. These business owners need to access their backroom records on a moment’s notice anywhere and anytime.

Small businesses often fall into the trap of looking small. Moreover, for some businesses, that is beneficial. However, for many businesses appearing small is a detriment to their reputation. Few opportunities exist for small business to appear bigger, especially when costs are factored into the equation. For example, most corporate branding and organization items are priced for large corporations and would require years of revenue to even begin the process. However, when the opportunity presents itself to help your small business appear as a large corporation that is ready to handle any task, you should jump on it.

The Freelancers' Union recently released a report regarding the issue many freelancers encounter. This common issue is that of unpaid invoices. Unfortunately, the cost of this nonpayment is much higher than the actual amount due. And even more unfortunate, is the idea that it can easily be avoided. This ever-present problem in the freelance world can be remedied by using billing companies such as ReliaBills to help manage your accounts payables.

Never before has the threat of doing business online been so real. In the last 10 years, cyber-attacks have made the news outlets as, collectively, they have hacked Home Depot, Target, Chase and many more. They do not discriminate either as they also hack small businesses too. Many reports and trends consistently show that hackers actually prefer hacking smaller companies than the larger ones. It is said that since most small businesses do not have a dedicated cyber security department watching their network 24-7, their passwords tend to be very easy to crack. So what if you are a small business and need to do business online to sustain a growing business?

Well, there is a safe option where small businesses can collect the funds they are due from their clients through a secure, and reliable online merchant services company called ReliaBills.

Small businesses face certain situations and struggles that other, larger companies, do not. Larger companies have many departments to connect the transactions and interactions various parts of the company have with each other and their clients. Large and even mid-sized companies have financial departments that take care of billing and invoicing for the employees they have; client financial records are kept, stored, and maintained as a regular customer base.

However, small companies or freelancers usually don’t have the resources to construct their independent financial departments to take care of customer billing information. A freelancer or small business owner is in charge of the invoicing and billing of clients and business partners themselves. If they have only a few employees working for them, the majority of this burden will likely stay with them for the near future.

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